In this clip, Barbara Hunter-Spencer performs the Praeludium from Suite No. 2, BWV 1008. Barbara studied cello with Lucian Laporte of the Paganini Quartet. She was a successful professional studio cellist in Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles and she played on many movie soundtracks. She retired in 1995, but we are very pleased to have her share her talent with Symphony of the Vines and other local orchestras.

Bach Cello Suites featured Jeanne Shumway, Barbara Hunter-Spencer, and Hilary Clark. Bach composed six suites and they are some of the most iconic classical works for the cello. Symphony of the Vines will presented three this season, and the remainder next season. More clips of this concert are coming!

Each of Bach’s Cello Suites follows a similar structure. They begin – as was common practice in the early 1700s – with a prélude, an introductory movement, which served a dual practical purpose of settling both the unstable gut strings of the cello and the all-too-frequently noisy audience. The prélude is usually the longest movement; its character can be whimsical and improvisatory.
Interestingly, there are no tempo markings for any of the movements given by the composer. Therefore, it is up to the performer to choose the suitable pulse for their interpretation. This can lead to significant differences.

Cello Suites are an integral part of the cello repertoire. Most well-known cellists regard performing and recording the whole set as a milestone in their career.

Symphony of the Vines is a professional orchestra based in north San Luis Obispo County. This non-profit symphony specializes in small orchestra and chamber ensembles playing in various venues including Central Coast wineries.



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