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Slo Coast Journal Slo Coast Journal Article

April 2013
Slo Coast Journal

Kathryn Bumpass of the Slo Coast Journal recently interviewed music director, Dr.Greg Magie of Symphony of the Vines for an online article introducing the symphony to the central coast.


Explore the origins, formation, and future of the Symphony of the Vines as you get a chance to peak behind the curtain and discover the thoughts and efforts that drive a passionate group to bring you the finest music on the central coast.


[read the full article here]

Your Symphony Needs You Now!


Now more than ever, Symphony of the Vines needs your support. The symphony is a non-profit organization, but there are substantial costs to bring you the finest music on the Central Coast. This season has experienced a turn-down in ticket sales and community involvement. As a result, the symphony is under threat of closure.


We urgently ask for your support to help keep the Symphony of the Vines delivering music and entertainment to all of you. The only way Symphony of the Vines can continue is through your charitable and tax deductible contribution.


With humility and deepest appreciation, we ask for your financial support in order to keep the Symphony alive and well. From personal to corporate donations, all of us at Symphony of the Vines thank you for your support.


Donations can be mailed or processed online via PayPal:

Mailing Address:
Symphony of the Vines

P.O. Box 407

Atascadero, CA 93423

You do not have to be a regular PayPal user to donate with credit card

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Checks, and PayPal are also accepted. Flexible payment plans can be arranged on an individual basis.

Symphony of the Vines