Morro Bay High School student Evalynn Moylan, 17, will have the Student Spotlight during Symphony of the Vines upcoming concert Romantic Cello featuring San Francisco pianist Dmitriy Cogan and regional musician Hilary Clark, cello. The concert will be performed in Los Osos, Saturday, 1pm, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, 4pm in Atascadero.

“I’m very excited to be performing in such a big event with talented musicians,” said Moylan. She began playing piano at age 6 and also learned the alto saxophone, which she plays in her high school’s wind ensemble. However, the cello was her father’s favorite and when she was old enough to handle the big instrument, she made the switch. “I really love the rich sound and knowing how to play other instruments made taking up the cello easier.”

Moylan will perform “Tarantella” by composer William Henry Squire with Dmitriy Cogan on piano.

The goal of Student Spotlight is to provide mentoring opportunities between students and professional musicians “Evalynn is an excellent ensemble performer,” said Lynne Oliverius, her Los Osos music teacher. “However, being a spotlight performer is a new level of competence for her. I really appreciate that Symphony of the Vines gives young performers this kind of opportunity during a professional concert.”

In addition to playing the piano, saxophone and cello, Moylan enjoys drawing and painting birds, raising 4H show chickens, and playing on her school’s water polo team.  Her future college plans include majoring in biology and becoming an ornithologist, one who studies birds. “Music will always be a strong influence for me. I will continue to take music classes and I hope to play in the university’s orchestra.”

Romantic Cello is Saturday, October 19, 1pm, Trinity United Methodist Church, 490 Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos.  The same concert will also be performed on Sunday, October 20, 4pm, Community Church of Atascadero, 5850 Rosario Avenue, Atascadero.

Tickets for these concerts, as well as the entire season may be purchased at:


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