Do you have a green thumb and like to make videos? The Virtual Garden Tour organized by Symphony of the Vines may be a perfect fit for you.

We know that many of you have fantastic looking gardens right now and we want to help you share! Just videotape what is special about your garden. You can use your cellphone!

What makes your garden special?
Flowers and trees
Walkways, benches, and other paths
Birds, bees, and bugs
Statues, fountains and other found art
Chickens! Goats! and other animals!
Basically, please share whatever you find joyful in your garden!

Email your video clips to Robin Smith at We will edit footage from many gardens to the music from a concert performance. You will be able to see your garden, and the gardens of your neighbors, on our website and Facebook page.

Ways to make your video clips stand out:

  1. Turn your camera so it is horizontal.Use your camera phone horizontally!
  2. Make sure the image is in focus!
  3. Record your video early in the morning or about 1 hour before sunset. The lighting is magical at that time!
  4. Do not always use “eye-level.” Mix-up the camera angles. It is really interesting to see things in the garden from a very low angle near the ground and very high, such as from a balcony.
  5. Pointers for panning (horizontal movement) and tilting (vertical movement):
    A camera movement should have a beginning, middle and end. Decide on the composition that will begin the movement. Maybe it is a close-up of a flower pot, then decide on the shot that will end the movement. In the example below, it is a bird.
    So, start a moving clip with 2 seconds of the beginning composition, then pan (or tilt) to the ending composition and hold for 2 seconds.
  6. Record multiple shots of the same area: Look at a section of your garden in terms of a wide shot, medium and close-ups. For example, if you have a koi pond, get a 5 second wide shot that shows the whole pond – stop. Next, compose a shot of the left side of the pond – record 5 seconds, stop. Then compose a shot of the right side of the pond – 5 seconds, stop. Now get some close-ups of the lily pads, water cascading over rocks, and close-ups of the fish. Last on the list, get a zoom out from the pond to show the whole yard.

    Thank you for participating! I can’t wait to see everyone’s garden!


The Virtual Garden Tour is open to all ages and there is no cost to participate. Video may be recorded with a camcorder or cellphone camera.  Email your garden video clips to Robin Smith at

How to participate!
To be considered for the Virtual Garden Tour video:  email 5 – 10 video clips at about 5 seconds each to Video clips will be collected until June 19, but don’t wait. If your garden looks great now, please capture it! If you want to send more clips as your garden progresses, that’s great, too. 

When the editing is finished, the videos will be available for viewing on Facebook and at the Symphony of the Vines website. If you want to receive a video premiere announcement, sign-up for the email list at (It’s at the bottom of this page.)

You can usually email a video clip from a cellphone. We are accepting still photos, but we are really excited about video clips.

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